Going to the Bar in Belgrade

Ok, this is not a bar in the sense that most people will think of when they hear the word “bar”. Curious? Read on.

It was a very hot day. My feet were screaming for a rest. My throat was gasping for liquid. My stomach was not complaining so much but my brain was ordering me to eat something before I got a headache from decreased blood sugar and lack of liquid.

I have heard about this place. In fact, I had it on my places-to-eat-in-Belgrade list. However, my brain was drying up that this place was under its radar. I was on my way to the Republic Square (I figured it would be the best place to find a cafe) when a light went on in my brain. That was when I saw this bar. The Burger Bar.

A small place with some seatings outside. Now, I am not fond of sitting next to a busy street. Add to that patrons who smoke and hot weather but I was suddenly craving for a burger and some french fries. So in I went.

Two people were working behind the small counter. The lady did not speak English. The boy did a little. I gave him my order – a set menu consisting of a burger, some fries and a drink.

I did not regret eating here. Sure the burger was difficult to eat. Just look at the height of the burger and you’ll know what I mean. But the soft texture of the bread and the taste of the meat more than made up for it. The french fries were not the kind of french fries you get at Mc Donald’s – they were better. I also got a bigger-than-McDonald’s-tomato- sauce-cup jar of tomato sauce.

The trip to this bar set me back RSD 490. That was less than 5 Euro.
Burger Bar, I will definitely visit you again when I go to Belgrade again.

Visited: August 2016

The Burger Bar
Kolarceva 5
Belgrade 11000

Above the small ordering counter/kitchen, they have a small seating area which is more comfortable than sitting outside during a hot day. This area had AC and a small TV. It can only accommodate 8-15 people though.

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