Javanese-Surinamese (Mis?)Experience in Amsterdam

It is widely known that Amsterdam is not cheap. Since I have to go to Amsterdam twice a week, I am facing the problem of finding affordable places to eat. Yes, places. I don’t need one place. I don’t need two places. But places. Besides price, I also need quality and variety.

During my search I came across this Javanese-Surinamese eatery. Google rated it as 4 (out of 5). Further reading showed mixed reviews. The photo’s looked reasonable. So I decided to give it a try.

On the planned day, I went to Amsterdam feeling quite excited. Finally, somewhere with affordable prices and food that tastes (almost) like the food in my homeland.

Arriving at the area, it was not as easy as I thought to find the the place. There was some kind of construction on the shop next door that I did not see the eatery. I walked past it. When I did find it and stand in front of the eatery, doubt started creeping in. It was dark inside and for what I could “see” so far, there were only men inside. Not a good start.

In the end, I went in. And yes, there were only men inside. And it was dark inside – not pitch dark but a bit too dark for my preference. The light airy atmosphere I was hoping for from looking at the pictures of the place was not there. The floor and the furnitures were worn out. The chairs showed signs of tears and wears.

I ordered the rice with lamb. While I was disappointed with the whole atmosphere (including the furnitures), the dish tasted quite good.

Would I go back for the second time? Frankly, the whole experience was just not my thing. So, no, I would not go back for the second time.

Visited: September 2016

Spang Makandra
Gerard Doustraat 39
1072 VK
The Netherlands


  • This restaurant has two branches. This review is only about the branch at Gerard Doustraat.

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