Lunch at Kantjil in Amsterdam

After seeing that my original lunch destination was not what I had expected it to be and there was no way to have lunch there, I found myself sitting in this restaurant called Kantjil.

Sure, I have seen this restaurant before in one of my visits to Amsterdam. I even said to myself that I would one day eat here. Well, that one day was this day.

I was faced with a bit of confusions writing this review. I had known Kantjil as Kantjil & de Tijger and as an Indonesian restaurant. Indeed, the website shows Kantjil & de Tijger, an Indonesian restaurant. However, on my receipt the restaurant calls itself the New Asian Brasserie – which, I think is a bit on the incorrect side. Brasserie is a French word. By definition there is nothing Asian about a brasserie and there nothing brasserie about Asian dishes. Indeed, brasserie originally means brewery. In 2000, however, it was defined as a small informal French-style restaurant. I do not think you would find a statue of a kancil and a tiger inside a French-style restaurant and that was what I saw inside the restaurant.

Inside was indeed unlike most Indonesian restaurants in the Netherlands that I know. The lighting was dimmed. The interior was modern. It was a big change from the busy streets of Amsterdam. A very welcome change, I must say, for Amsterdam can be a hell to negotiate.

The food… I has the minced fish and my friend had the Mangkok menu (where you can sort of choose what type of basic dish, vegetable dish and meat dish you want). I also opted to have the Home Made Ice Tea.

The ice tea was presented nicely. It tasted good. It was also on the expensive side  at €4.25. The minced fish, although it came with a (small) bowl of rice, was on the small side – three skewers of minced fish. It was also, unfortunately, a bit bland. The Mangkok menu tasted better.

I am still not convinced about the New Asian Brasserie thing but I just might come back to this restaurant again. If I do, I will have the Mangkok menu or try a different one.

Visited: 17 December 2016

Spuistraat 291-293
1012 VS

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