Chance Dinner at Brasserie La Maison in Almere

These days it seems like my adventure happens always by chance. I wanted to go to Rotterdam but was thrown to the opposite direction by chance. When I got to the station, the next train going to Rotterdam was scheduled to leave in one hour. Before you think it was my own fault (i.e. for not checking the schedule), in normal circumstances, there are 5-6 trains per hour going to Rotterdam from my city. I do not remember why the schedule was messed up this day – a jumper maybe? In any case, I did not want to wait one hour in the cold so I made a quick decision to jump into the available train. And 1 hour 15 minutes later I found myself in Almere.

It started with an awkward entrance where there was a quite long pause where the waiter and I locked our eyes. I had expected a question such as “How many person, miss?” or “Can I help you?” I did get a “Good Afternoon” from him. Probably it is not often that they receive a single Asian lady for dinner.

To make it less awkward I quickly said “Table for one person, please” to which he directed me to the tables without “Reserved” sign. I chose one of the tables at the back of the restaurant. This way I could see the whole restaurant, which was good for the purpose of writing a review.

I ordered the varkenshaas (tenderloin) with pepper sauce.

When I was waiting for the meal, I took in the atmosphere. It was a slow night. There were not many customers. Then again, it was only a bit after 17:00. The brightness was just right – not too bright, not too dark. I liked the cone-like lamps hanging from the ceiling. I dare say the atmosphere was cozy, no loud music. One place to consider for lunch or dinner with your close friends or family and where you can have a nice conversation without having to shout.

When the dish came, it was presented in a very simple way. The meat on top of the haricots. The meat was easy to cut and tasted good. The haricots were fine. The french fries had the right amount of seasonings.

After the delicious meal, I could not resist the urge to try the carrotcake. I am normally not a carrot person but this day I was craving for it. The top layer was a bit too sweet for my taste but all in all it was not disappointing (that is saying a lot coming from someone who does not like carrot). I would not have one again, though. Just because I do not like carrotcake.

If you ever find yourself near this brasserie, do give it a go. The prices were reasonable, the service was friendly and the food was good.

Visited: 28 December 2016

La Maison
Belfort 8
1315 VB

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