I grew up a little today

Today I had to make one of the hardest decisions in my life. I withdrew my acceptance for an internship. I went from someone with an internship place (albeit no topic for my research) to someone without an internship place.

Many of my classmates would probably call me crazy. It was not an easy decision. It was not even a nice thing to have to call the company and tell them your decision. But it was the right thing to do. After some times feeling stressed out about the whole internship issue, I feel lighter and happier.

It is not that I am ungrateful for the offer. I am. I feel guilty towards the person who offered me the position. Deep down, though, my circumstance does not allow me to go on this internship. Every fiber of my body is screaming for a break.

It was a hard thing to do but it was the right thing to do. Both for me and for the company.

From this experience, I learned that I should really do what makes myself feel good and that I should try to listen to my heart more. I grew up a little.

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