Dutch Pancake in Enschede

In my quest to eat after a day out in Enschede and after having doubts, I decided to give the pancake house in the city center a go.

I ordered a pancake (natural) with fried egg and ham.

Ordering a pancake can be tricky. The dough does not always go well with everything. Imagine having a pancake that tasted sweet-ish with ham and egg as toppings. Even when you ask for a natural-flavoured pancake, it can still come out with a hint of sweetness. Quite often when I go to a pancake restaurant, the sweet taste of the pancake undermines the taste of any savory toppings I order.

However, it was not the case here. The pancake did not have a hint of sweetness so that it did not overpower the taste of the fried egg and ham. As usual, the pancake was quite big in size. It had, however, enough fried egg and ham to cover the surface. The egg was fried into the pancake.

Service was friendly although there was a moment of awkwardness when I walked in. When I walked in, noone who worked at the restaurant greeted me or walked towards me. So I walked to the back of the restaurant, where the open kitchen was. The cook looked at me, I looked at him. I could see the question in his eyes, yet he did not ask me anything. I had to be the one pointing out that I would like a table for one person. After that, the service got better.

The restaurant was not big. Inside there were chairs for around 40 people.

If I am craving for a Dutch pancake when I am wandering around the city center of Enschede, I might consider this place again. I doubt that I will be craving for a Dutch pancake any time soon though.

Visited: 12 August 2017

De Pannenkoek
Korte Haaskbergerstraat 11
7511 JV

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