Kotor, Montenegro

When one hears about Kotor and the bay of Kotor, one will dream of a very beautiful and welcoming place.
That was what I thought too. Until I visited Kotor.
Sure, there was a certain beauty about the bay of Kotor. About seeing it from the hill. In overall, Kotor is overrated.

You can waste hours climbing all the way up the hill, you will get the same view. Only with different altitude (depending on how high you want to climb).
For me, after 1 hour of climbing, the view got very boring. The photo on the right was taken 45 minutes after the photo on the left. After 40 minutes (let’s say I stopped for 5 minutes when I took the photo on the left) of climbing I was rewarded with… the same view!!! And this was the view I got no matter how high I climbed. There was no view to another or a different side.

To be fair, people who come here do want to see the bay of Kotor. And that is what they get by climbing the hill. This same and boring view, however, is not the main reason why I think Kotor is overrated.

The photos below were taken before 09:05 – no crowds yet.

My first impression when I entered the old town was that Kotor reminded me of Dubrovnik. Admittedly Dubrovnik is nicer admired from above. However, Kotor was very touristy and very unwelcoming in comparison to Dubrovnik.
I was ignored while waiting to be served. Not once, but in two occassions. Once in a pizza stall (Pizzeria Pronto, I will never go to your place again) and once in a bakery. On both occassion I was standing right in front of the food display (and in the case of the pizza stall, in front of the pizza seller). In the pizza stall, the seller knew I was there (unless he was blind, he could not have missed a person standing in front of him) yet he chose to first serve somebody behind me. In the bakery, even though I was standing in front of the food display and clearly wanting to buy something, nobody came to offer help or ask me what I wanted.

Needless to say, the image I had of the old town Kotor was shattered. Especially when compared to the reception I received in its neighbouring coutry, Serbia (more on this on later posts). Other places in Montenegro outside the old town of Kotor were quite ok.

So, Kotor, I won’t be back (unless if I have to pass through on my future travellings) and no, I do not have fond memories of you.

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