Jurkjes en Schoenen are Dutch for Dresses and Shoes.

I came to the Netherlands in late August 2006.
Soon enough I was confronted with the harsh reality that I had to actually say good bye to two things I love to wear.

Imagine doing your (window)shopping outdoor.
Imagine doing your (window)shopping on cobbled streets.
Imagine running (on cobbled streets) to catch the train or the tram or the bus.
Add to that the fact that it rains more than 50% of the year here.
And add (heavy) wind to that.

Gone were the days of nice and cute dresses.
Gone were the days of nice and cute shoes.

However, I have decided not to let the Dutch circumstances confine me any longer.
I am finding back two of my long lost allies - dresses and shoes.
Along with memorable places and good food.

I hope you enjoy reading about the places I have been to, about the food I tried and about little things in my life.